Naoya Urata and Ayumi Hamasaki sizzle a little on stage

Naoya and Ayumi performed their collaboration "Dream on" for the first time on national television, and what Ayumi loved every minute of it! Naoya Urata snatched her co-producing virginity, and I'm betting Ayumi wouldn't mind him snatching a bit more...

Well, slap me in the face and call me Rihanna. Their vocals were on POINT! Urata and Ayumi both sounded better performing "Dream on" live than they do on the studio recorded version!

This is one of the most engaging performances I've seen from Ayumi in a good while. She looked like she was having lots of fun, and genuinely enjoyed having the presence of another artist to bounce off of on stage. Hopefully this will give her the bug to do more collaborations in the future. She should definitely consider writing and co-producing for other artists, as she did a stellar job with "Dream on". Publishing is where the money's at, but Ayumi already knows this. Ain't no chick in Japan who knows how to get that Yen how Ayumi does. Give her another 5 years and she'll feature on 10,000 Yen notes.


  1. SLAYED! that was awsome and i actually REALLY like this song now, when i first heard it i was like meh... but now i love it.
    I hope she does something similar on her next album (probably in 6 months lol) because this seems more fesh than what she's been doing recently.
    As for Naoya he definately gave her something o bounce off but i doubt she's up at night thinking about him, have you seen her boyfiend?! LOL


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