Nicki Minaj slows it down and goes sappy on Jimmy Kimmel live

Self proclaimed Harajuku Barbie Nicki Minaj appeared on Jimmy Kimmel live to perform her single "Right thru me". As always, Nicki made a spectical with her choice of attire, and more notably her choice of wig.

I thought Nicki had me at the pink and the green weave. But I think this retro Hey Arnold looking shit might be the one. Put some pink and green highlights up in there, and we may have Nicki's ultimate wig. I love it.

This performance was cool, even though Nicki was clearly miming the chorus, and something was clearly up with the microphone levels. Say what you will about this chick, she keeps people talking and she's entertaining.

I can't say I'm a huge fan of Pink friday. I rolled my eyes at the album as soon as I saw "Massive attack" was omitted from the tracklist like it wasn't made a single and had a Hype video to go along with it. I love that damn song. I think I'm one of the only 7 people in the world that does.


  1. Putting my hand up as another one who loved Massive Attack

  2. And two real big ones up here too!!! i still rock out to it!

  3. I loved "Massive Attack" but the only good song on her album was "Moment for life" IMO

    Anyway i'm so bored of this girl... First she swagger jacks (almost put jacks off then lmao!) Lil Kim and now Solange...
    Her album is 99% trash, her lyrics are basic, she has none of her own style.

    P.S Jay you NEED to review Lil Kim's "Black Friday" nicki diss <3

  4. Why is lil wayne helping NO TALENT CLOWN WOMAN, nicki minaj instead of the talented mskeribaby. Someone needs to help her bad so that she wont have to traipsy around trying to steal the limelight from Ciara. Keri Hilson should be focusing on trying to figure out why the no talent nicki is stealing her limelight that lil wayne help her get and why she is not touring with him. She has more of a beef with her than Lil Kim. She ought to kick her bubble butt.


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