Sayuri Sugawara drops her second mini album Close to you

After having the infamously terrible Final Fantasy XIII kick start Sayuri Sugawara's music career into full gear and help ger a full length album out of the door; she's set to release her second mini album (Her first was the 2009 release Kimi ni okuru uta). Need I even tell you when she's releasing it? Of course this shit is dropping in December, along with every other Japanese inhabitant with fallopian tubes. Peep a preview of the first track on the album "Sayonara mata..."

Beautifully depressing isn't it? This shit made makes want to hold somebody close to me, and then break down for no reason whatsoever.

Sayuri's second mini album will feature the singles ""Suki" to iu kotobo" and "Sunao ni narenakute" - both of which featured  in a couple of this years' high profile J-drama's. The full tracklist is as follows...

  1. Sayonara mata... | サヨナラまた...
  2. So long my love
  3. Close to you
  4. "Suki" to iu kotoba | 「好き」という言葉
  5. Sunao ni narenakute | 素直になれなくて
  6. Winter story

I'm not expecting any surprises from this mini album, but rest assured it will sound really nice. A little bit depressing, but nice.


  1. I wasn't too keen on her debut full album, one or two nice tracks but the rest was meh...and her follow up singles haven't changed my mind about her. My favourite track from her is still 'Eternal Love'.


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