Hikaru Utada's swan song TV interview

Hikaru Utada made her last TV appearance in a special interview which aired on NTV  a couple of nights ago, titled Hikaru Utada ~Ima no watashi~ which I think translates into something about Me, now. Who I am now or some shit.

It is a really nice interview. Although I wish Diane Sawyer had sat down with her arse. Because you know she would have asked them questions that make a celeb want to tear a bitches hair out from the roots. Namely in Hikaru's case - how the hell her marriage broke down and then reciting that line from "Come back to me" where she sings about cheating.

This whole interview is of course in Japanese. But you can view a translated transcript here. Be sure to watch this none the less though. Because Hikaru looks lovely. Her speaking voice is sexy to listen to. You get a couple of her Wild life performances thrown in. A sneak peek of Hikaru directing her "Goodbye happiness" music video. Behind the scenes footage of rehearsals for her Wild life gigs. Hikaru working on "Goodbye happiness" in a studio in London!! (What the f**k!?)  And she performs "Show me love (Not a dream)" and "Goodbye happiness".

I know Hikaru's live performances divide many, because of how strained her vocals can sound. But the performances in this video highlights that when Hikaru is on form, she's on top form. She sounded amazing in both performances.

I'm not even sad Hikaru Utada is going on hiatus. She takes such long breaks in-between studio releases, and this is just another one of 'em. And with her now having a Twitter account, I'm sure we'll be kept informed of what she's up to - even if there's no music along the way.

NHK airs Utada Hikaru’s final interview before her hiatus @ Tokyohive


  1. I need to know she'll be doing the KH3 theme song. I need to know. Her hiatus will probably be over before SE even starts development on it.

  2. I wonder if she'll even keep her twitter account after a certain point, she barely tweets. I think she's going to totally drop out and then reappear some day. EMI has enough to make money on her for at least another year so we'll see.

  3. I'm sad that she is leaving.The J music scene def won't be the same without her. However I think its great that she's going to experience a new world outside of music. Hopefully whenever she decides to return she can share those experiences through her wonderful music once more. Gdluck Utada!!!!!!!!


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