Music video: Girls' generation - Visual dreams

This shit is a serious upgrade (pun not intended) from that "Oh!" bullshit and the God awful "Hoot". The 80's synthwork and beat had me working shoulders. Considering this is a collabo with Intel, surely a bit more money could have been spent on the video though. This shit just looked like the director had the girls dance in front of a green screen and then superimposed some random wallpaper from iStockphoto behind them.

I still hate what the stylist did to Sunny's hair. They fried that shit out. I can hear the poor girls' scalp flaking and sizzling from here.

And did anyone else want to just backhand Hyoyeon at the end of the video during the Intel jingle? Urgh.


  1. I hate how Tiffany is unable to dance. She always seems to unsure of herself, and is always looking down or at another member.

  2. Truly suprised you liked this J ! It's better than Oh no doubt, but thats not very haard is it ? loll didn't notice Hyoyeon till you pointed it out. No just no


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