Music video: Kumi Koda - Pop diva

This video felt like an Ayu rip off. Then again, the whole of Kumi's career has pretty much been blueprinted after Ayumi Hamasaki's.

The video was cool to watch. But I wouldn't watch it again. I feel a song like this should have had a straight performance video. Some fancy lighting, choreographed dancing, about 10 wig changes and some serious swag. Instead we get some super hero bullshit. The best part of this video was watching Kumi get punched in the face. How the hell are you gonna drop a pop banger and then stand in front of a fan in some ball gown and not dance!?

"Pop deeba" is a banger though. I'm all about that beat.


  1. LMAO @ "Pop deeba" XD

    I like the song, very catchy, but to me the music video is a mess. It was a bad mesh-mash of Britney's Toxic, Utada's You Make Me Want to be a Man and, as you say, Ayumi's various vids.

  2. LOL yeah i love the song and the vid is good but it is like a mash up of Britneys "Toxic", Spice girls and "Spice up your life" i mean... the bit when she was going over the edge of the building is just shamelessly ripping Toxic off lol
    Good vid though and i like the new weave lol, i hate her with short hair.

  3. Wow, it actually is a complete mash up of Toxic and Spice Up Your Life. Well recognised.

    I'm glad Kumi's back with another club-styled pop song. It's what she's best at. But the 'singing' in the chorus... That may keep me from playing this one on loop. I suppose it may be asking too much to ask for a new single to live up to the likes of Taboo.

  4. I think Kumi should avoid speaking in engrish. The beginning was barely understandable lol. I never liked Koda Kumi, but I can't lie the beat for this song is hot!


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