Music video: Seungri - What can I do

I never thought for a second that Seungri would manage to put out solo efforts doused in so much swagger, finesse and hotness. Because the dude is like wallpaper as a part of Big Bang.

I thought "Strong baby" was a fluke. Guess I was wrong.

This video was your typical K-Pop affair. The shiny white floors 'n fluorescent light sets that get passed around JYP, SM and YG entertainment like old furniture were used yet again! But the video was slicky produced, featured some great editing and it suited the song - which I rather like. Go Seungri!


  1. I think you mixed up the videos for VVIP and What Can I Do in the two posts.

    I've never paid much attention to Big Bang, besides my flatmate repeat playing Lollipop (to excited growls of "He's so dirty..." at T.O.P, heh). I've paid further less notice to Seungri - if you hadn't told me he was in Big Bang I wouldn't even have known - so it comes as a surprise for me too that he stands out quite well solo. What Can I Do is the much superior song. I wouldn't ever look to Korea for originality in music, but songs like this show there are still some good pop songs from there. Actually, the focus on pop music with hot routine dance videos in Korea is something I miss in the UK.


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