Ayu and Namie make it rain for a good cause

Two of Avex's biggest cash cows have made sizable donations to help the cause in their home country. Robot faced Ayumi donated 35 million yen (around £270,000), whilst Miserable faced Namie donated 50 million (around £380,000). I know dollar conversions are more widespread. But I'm from the UK. So I went obnoxious and used the currency I be using errrday.

I know some fans are probably going to size these ladies up with a Who donated more debate. But it's irrelevant. We're not talking about who spent the most on a music video, or bought the most weave in a season (Kumi Koda would slay both these bitches in that round) or who paid top dollar for their Giuseppe boots. We're talking two people who have donated a large sum of money out of their own pockets without anybody forcing them or any contractual obligations to do so; and all for a good cause. The money donated between them will go a long way to helping Japan rebuild itself. And their completely selfless act is a great lesson for us all.

As a human being first before being a fan / hater of these ladies; I'm proud of them both.


  1. They've both done a great thing and the money will help tons of people which is amazing :D
    Ayu also designed a T Shirt with proceeds going towards the relief effort.

    It would be awsome if they all did a track together to raise money too.

  2. As interesting as them doing a track together sounds, I don't think it will ever happen. I can imagine wigs being snatched in the studio, broken nails and such.

  3. Melvin R kinda true.

    I am a big Koda and Ayumi stan but they seem to despise each other like even though Koda trumps Ayu in album sales in last few years and before her dumbass comment in popularity. Avex never gave her the same treatment as Ayu and till this day at A-nation Koda performs with the newer acts in the morning. Also I watched a vid on Youtube at them at the premiere for Miss/Mr Smith and when they greeted each other it was so cold and they sat with someone in between them and never spoke to each other. I guess its because she surpassed Ayu using her sex appeal

    I saw video of Namie and Koda at some countdown thing and they seemed like they knew and liked each other and Ayu and Namie like each other since she is her senior and have taken turn dominating.

    On another note I am so proud that everyone is pitching in to help those poor people that lost everything.

  4. Well they're all constantly being compared to one another and fighting for that top spot, so I'm not surprised that they might hold a bit of disdain for each other. Well Ayu has been in the music game a lot longer than Koda, so I would expect that she would get better treatment from Avex. I always thought it would be nice to see some collaborations between Japan's top artista. Maybe this disaster will bring them closer together. It would be nice for them to make a song with all profits going toward the disaster relief fund. Either way I'm proud of both of them for donating money, and showing some emotion. I guess Ayu and Namie have hearts behind their robot and miserable faces, and aren't all about whoring their shit out to make some cash.

  5. @Anonymous, LMAO i just watched that vid of them at the "Mr & Mrs Smith" thing poor Kumi got shut down LOL first she got relegated to walking out with the (sl)Avex's vice president and looks all kinds of goofy when she did her red carpet walk and then Ayu walks out with Max Matsura dripping with diamonds and there's even a bit when Ayu points into the audiance after Kumi sits down whispers behind her hand at max and they both laugh and then she ignored her when she took her seat, so Mean Girls lol

    It's true that at the moment Kumi sells more albums but i wouldn't say she's "surpassed" Ayu it's like saying Gaga surpassed Madonna because "The Fame" sold more than "Hard Candy", Ayu and Madonna are already legends and Kumi and Gaga are relatively new in their careers.
    If Avex didn't put so many Ayu albums out her sales would be more consistant, i always wonder how Namie gets away with releasing one every every 2 years? and if you look at her sales they've been very consistant since she dropped "Queen of R&B".

    I think the reason Ayu is treated better than Kumi is because even though her albums are lower she makes so much money on other things like Endorsements and touring, Kumi might make Yen but nobody does it like Ayu lol and she's really good friends with max Matsuura too.


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