BoA tries on them wigs for Cosmo

BoA has been laying seriously low ever since wrapping up Hurricane venus and Copy & paste, whilst she focuses on her movie career. But she recently did a spread for Cosmopolitan in Korea, just to let bitches know that she's still in arms reach to snatch a hair piece.

BoA could roll off of the set of a snuff 'n scat flick, and still manage to maintain a level of flawlessness. This chick rarely ever takes a bad photo. But as great as BoA looks in these pics, they're all boring. I'm not feeling any of the pictures aside from the shot at the very top. The mohawks, the Leeloo wig and dead in the face expressions from BoA - there's just no sweet impact. I hope she stays with the long dark hair for a while. She looks great with it.

BoA gets creative for "Cosmopolitan" @ allkpop


  1. If only you could smash Hyori sex appeal with BoA music and dance ability you would such a killer pop star. Instead you get to very bland artists.

  2. I wouldn't call BoA a bland artist. She may not have Hyori's sex appeal, but she has this cute, innocent demeanor about her that is appealing. BoA has actual talent, so she doesn't need sex to sell records. I agree about the top shot being the best. She looks cute in all of the pictures though.

  3. The bottom left hand pic reminds me of Utada's Exodus shoot...

  4. BoA doesn't need anything from Hyori.

    I think the photos are OKAY but certainly not groundbreaking.

    Cosmopolitan magazine isn't exactly known for "fun/exciting/edgy" photo shoots.

    That's why you have DAZED & CONFUSED/VOGUE/VANITY FAIR for.

  5. I like that BoA is spending so much time in Korea after her extended break, she aint taking her heel off those bitches necks lol
    I love the grown up image she has in Korea, hope (Sl)Avex don't make her act like a 12 year old again when she does back to Japan.

    I actually like the shoot, it isn't groundbreaking but it's cool, i like the mohecan pic the best :D

    @Anonymous, don't forget "Inteview Magazine" they're shoots are usually amazing and the covers.

  6. @ThatBoyLuke (AKA FUTURESTAR):
    Actually, BoA is in LA shooting a movie, so no Korea time for her. Personally, I think she should head back to Korea and take another break, she's earned it.


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