Britney 'dances' at her gig in Las Vegas

Britney performed in Las Vegas, marking the first time this bitch has done something worthwhile in the way of promotion for her seventh studio album Femme fatale. MTV will have official videos of the event, but some fan vids of the *cough* 'performances' have already hit YouTube.

All I can say is: bitch still ain't got them moves. She looks great. But she's stiffer than a corpse. When Britney went down, I didn't think she'd come up again. That shit looked like it took effort. Of course blogs and YouTube comments in relation to these performances are littered with fans saying how amazing her Weaveship's dancing was. They're indoctrinated. But at least they're happy and impressed. It's good somebody is. Because I sure as hell wasn't.

And Jonas. Although people tried to hate on your editing in Britney's music video, I just want to say this: The chronic edits during the final refrain of the "Hold it against me" video - totally justified.

When the official vids of Britney's stint in Las Vegas hit, I'll post them all. You can view more fan cam vids of Britney 'dancing' to "Till the world ends" and "Big fat bass" over at Toya'z world.

Britney performs two special gigs in Las Vegas... @ Toya'z world


  1. J, you startin to sound like you ain't a fan anymore. you go in on these britney posts like she called your mother names!

    these weren't really all that - a couple of ball changes here and there, some 'bow throwing, and a weave thrash (that wasn't THAT bad); but it is good to see her look like she cares and is having some fun. looking forward to seeing this special when it airs.

  2. LOL I agree with @Bryan but i think @J only goes in on her coz he wants to see an amazing performance (that she MUST still be capable of).

    Honestly i would love to see Britney break it down like she did but this was no less than i was expecting, i know she can still bust a move but for some reason (medication?) she is so lethargic these days...

    I gotta be fair she had the weave thrashes down like a pro and she looked HOT, i mean WOW her body is bangin now XD

  3. Its like watching a soccer mom dancing to her daughter music. Just awkward.

    Bitch should stay from China cuz shit like that is illegal there.


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