Britney does more nothing on stage at Jimmy Kimmel live

The star formerly known as Britney Spears appeared on Jimmy Kimmel, where she did a couple of dry arse skits and then stood on a stage and did nothing whilst lights flashed and dancers did everything around her. The bitch is lazy. That's all there is to it. SM entertainment need to kidnap Britney and train her arse Korean style. Make this bitch WORK like it's 2002.

Skits / "Till the world ends" & "Hold it against me" performances

What more is there for me to say that I hadn't said before? Only Britney would perform two high energy dance songs and not really dance. I wonder why she's even given a mic pack these days when everybody knows the bitch mimes. And before her Weaveship followers try to tell me that she did sing live; no she didn't. Her vocals sound a little different from the album versions of the songs at the start - but they were definitely pre-recorded vocals. Or perhaps just the original vocals turned up and stripped of effects. It's probably the later. I doubt Britney would bother re-recording any of her vocals. That would actually take effort.

As for the skits, the Jackass one was pretty funny because Britney showed some personaility and that she's not completely dead inside. But she's still a former shadow of her past self. I wondered if the woman coming out of the cubicle soaked from head to toe was even Britney at all, because we did not see her face. It would seem Britney is not allowed to come in contact with water or any form of liquid, as was made evident in the use of a stunt double during the wild paint spraying scene in the "Hold it against me" video. And to think, this was the girl who pussy popped and slow grinded on her knees in  mini skirt in the rain in the "Overprotected" (remix) music video.


  1. The skit was funny but was fake since the chick who ran out didn't have britney's water wigs.She have done the skit since her weave would have at least been washed.

  2. Its funny how broken down this bitch has gotten over the last couple of years yet out of Beyonce, Gaga and Xtina she will most likely be the one ever one remembers when they get old.

    I still think Beyonce needs at least one scandal to make her interesting enough for people to give a shit about her.

  3. Britney leaks the title of Lady Gaga's new album at 3:08.


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