Britney does pretty much nothing at Good morning America

The televised videos of Britney's stint on Good morning America are now doing the rounds on YouTube. This woman is so lucky to have the fans she has, because they're the only ones who could watch these performances and say they were good and be caps locking THE BITCH IS BACK on YouTube; when all she did for 60% of these performances was sit down. Only Britney would perform pretty much the whole of a "Big fat bass", "I'm a slave 4 u", "Gimme more" and "3" mash-up sat down on a speaker. Only Britney.

Her and Namie Amuro should do lunch. Britney could hook her up with her studio recording engineer and Namie could hook up Britney with some free bottles of Vidal Sassoon. Not that she'd use them to actually wash her hair. She'd probably give them to Sean Preston to drink.

Hold it against me

Big fat bass (mashed with "I'm a slave 4 U", "Gimme more" and "3")

Till the world ends

I want everybody who threw shade on Jonas Akerland for chopping her dance scenes to shreds in the "Hold it against me" music video to just stop. Dude did the right thing. Did you see what I saw in that performance!? Bitch sat down during the breakdown. She actually...sat her arse down in a chair. What excuse are the Britney army going to give for that one? She was tired? From what? It's a difficult section of the song to dance to? Fan choreographed videos on YouTube show otherwise. It's Britney bitch! Exactly. So why didn't she dance? The only thing I'll give her props for is for fulfilling my quota of weave thrashing and pussy popping. Because she weave thrashed on that chair so good, I bet those hair pieces were hanging from their tracks by a strand.

Britney recently announced a Summer tour. Of course this shit will sell out because Britney's indoctrination game was so strong early on in her career that she'll have a legion of fans who will pay to watch some white girl with a tatty weave stand on a stage and do pretty much nothing. I'd rather pay to see Rebecca Black perform "Friday". At least that girl goes about her shit like she's having fun and that she cares about something. Even if it is just the fifth day of the week.

I'd rather Britney just bowed out of the game rather than throw in these half arsed performances. What more proof do people need that this woman is NOT into her career how she was before!?



    Gaga reaction to this.

  2. What is the point of her wearing a mic. This performances is so whack I wish Kumi could show this bitch that it is possible to throw down a hot routine and still sound good live

  3. What happened to the woman who came out on stage with a boa constrictor wrapped around her neck? :/

    These performances look like karaoke night at the local bar.

    I don't expect her to be out there like she's 20 but at least act like you are enjoying yourself, that's half of it right there.

    If her "stans" pay their hard earned money to see this shit then they deserve this crap.

  4. You know, I'm not a Britney fan (GASP!) but what was really striking to me was the little backstage interview she did with Robin Roberts, telling her about her summer tour with what's his name. She had ZERO excitement, energy, or passion in her voice when talking about it. Hell, she barely said anything to begin with. Just dead pan.

  5. @Junlee: I heard her on the radio the other day, and the only thing that caught my interest was how she kept saying "crogapher" instead of "choreographer." Other than that, it sounded like she was dead.

  6. I'm sure drugs are still an issue. Be they perscription, recreational or both.

  7. I actually think the reason she is so lethargic on stage is beacause of the medication she's on. There is no other reason why she couldn't be dancing like she was before, even when BoA isn't feeling she still does the shit TECHNICALLY well even if you can see she doesn't give a fxck.
    Anyway i feel the same was about Britney touring as i do about Amy Winehouse, i'll buy the album because the music is the shit but like is... shit.

    And that's a shame since bothere were amazing live at one point.


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