Britney does V magazine and not much else

Britney finally got up for her backside to so some form of promotion for her Femme fetale album in V magazine. She featured in a pretty stunning photoshoot which see's the pop star looking on top form. Bitch got that hair and those nails done and everything! She also spoke. Here are some notable quotes from the 'interview'.
The b---h is back and better than ever! 
Is Britney referring to Lady Gaga? No, she can't be. Because Lady isn't better than ever for shit. This must be about Beyoncé.
I think it's the best album I have ever made. There's nothing to say. I'll let the music speak for me.
Bitch ain't lying. She probably said "I'll let Adam Leber and Dr. Luke speak for me". In fact, Britney probably never said a damn thing in this interview. I doubt there was an interview with her at all. Notice how eac sentence quoted is less than 150 characters. Somebody tweeted this shit to V magazine. Of that I'm sure.

Britney looks great in the photos though. I already have this feeling that these shots will absolutely slay whatever leftover album shot images got set aside for the Femme fetale inlay.

I am looking forward to hearing the new album. Based on some of the snippets alone, it's already sounding better than Circus. Although I'm still a little burned by the lack of Danja. He really did hook Britney up in the past. "Get back" and "Kill the lights" are in my drawer of Britney branded pop crack.


  1. I think her album will be good but her dancing,persona and everything is pretty much gone downhill almost dead. With Jlo recycled club tracks and Lady Gaga overconfident and ultimate let down music I hope Beyonce comes back during the summer and slays it. She really has the upper hand.

    Also I think Britney is looking weirder by the day like cyborgy or something I don't know but something is really off

  2. I think these shots are beautiful especially the blue one, it's such a shame Jive didn't get Mario Testino to take the album/single covers because they are as dry as Madonna's pussy before her young sex slave of the moment slathers it i deep heat to act as a pain reliever for all them squats and a lubricant.

    The booklet is gonna be shit as fuck, she's damn lucky her music always slays lol


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