Britney tweets from the set of her "Till the world ends" music video

It turns out Britney will be taking the time out of her busy schedule of doing f**k all to shoot a video for "Till the world ends". This is a HUGE surprise to me, because I didn't think Britney would bother shooting a video for it.

Britney (and by Britney I mean her manager Adam Leber who probably runs her Twitter page) tweeted...
Day 1 of the #TTWE Videoshoot. Just wrapped my first big dance number. Taking a well deserved break people!
A well deserved break from what!? I remember Britney was talking this same smack about shooting the video for "Hold it against me". So much dancing. I'm sweating out my weave. Damn! Brian be making a bitch work. And then when the video dropped all Britney did was flick her weave twice and move her hands around. And Jonas Akerlund had to chop those dance sequences to shreds, have dudes switch lights on and off, throw in 6 product placements and blast confetti around the set to hide how Britney couldn't even do that shit right.

I'm not expecting a damn thing from this video. Britney fans should do the same. That way you won't be disappointed when Britney is looking dead in the eyes and doing all but dancing until the world ends. By the looks of things Britney's world has already ended. That shit ended the day Justin dumpe dher.

The weave doesn't look bad in this picture, and she got the nails did. I'll give her that.


  1. AWWW DOOD!!! I'd say you're being too harsh with her, but I can't even lie like that. This is the most suck-tacular era of all time for Britney.

  2. What is the point her song didn't even crack the top ten and the song is garbage cuz it sounds like a Kesha reject.....she shoot a video for Criminal and early release her album.

  3. "A well deserved break from what!?"


  4. J, I think the quick cuts are actually what distracted from the dancing in HIAM. And Akerlund cut out almost all of the dancing from the breakdown, which Brian Friedman said was where the best choreography was. So, I blame him. I don't expect Slave or Toxic level dancing, but I have high hopes for this video. :D

  5. @ Sylfi
    Brian is hardly going to talk down his choreography is he? And it's easy for him to say the best part got cut when nobody has seen it and never will. I dunno... It makes me wonder...

    The thing is, that even with all of the cuts into the dancing, you can still clearly see that Britney does NOT have it like she used to, and that she's not really working the steps. The editing throughout "Hold it against me" seems to have been deliberately done to mask what Britney WASN'T doing. At the start when Britney is dolling up and she's in the white dress before the paint flies; we get lovely lingering shots of her. But the second the paint flies and any dance steps are involved: Cut. Back-lighting. Cut. Cut. Confetti. Cut. Cut. Product placement. Monitor shot. Cut-cut-cut.

    I don't understand why Jonas Ã…kerlund would have cut into the dancing so chronically unless he felt it was whack or not captivating. I've got nothing to base this on of course. It's all speculation. But I think he may have done Britney a favour. Nothing we DO see in this video alludes to Britney being able to keep up with the backing dancers or lock shit down how she did back in 2004.

    I have NO hopes for the dancing in this video. Because if Britney did have it how she used to, we would have seen a display of it by now.

  6. I still don't get why she isn't bringing it?! like everybody i don't expect "me against the music" level but in this video ( ) she can clearly still dance quite well so it's weird that in video's she isn't.
    Anyway i think the idea of releasing songs to ITunes right away was a bad move, they should haved gone back to releasing it to radio and the video being out before the release after "HIAM".


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