Britney's magical Good morning America announcement

Lying ass bitch. She ain't excited to tell us shit! Home girl can't even so much as speak these days without effect wizadry being put on her voice. She sounded like Stephen Hawkins with a dying battery.

Britney's dead. DEAD I tells ya! I remember the days when Britney made announcements like this on TV and she was full of life, energy and looking hot. Britney looked fed up, tired and off in the face. She was on the money about one thing though: her 'performance' (I use the term loosely) will be a morning to remember, but probably for all the wrong reasons. Bitch will mime a medley which includes "Hold it against me", and she won't even re-record the vocals. Just straight up pop-in-the-Femme fetale-CD-and-press-play. And as for the dancing... Pscccch!! What dancing?!


  1. J you are crazy, Britney looked the hottest i've seen her in a while, i just wish that she had a permenant Britney wrangler whos job is to drag her through hair, make-up and wardrobe everyday before setting her loose on K Mart & Starbucks lol

    Seriously though i just don't know what to think about the performance, it's probably gonna be "HIAM", "Till the world ends" and a classic like "Toxic" or something.
    TBH i'm not expecting great things but just an "ok" performance would be fine for me, i wish Britney would be as great as she was at her peak (performance wise) but even now with all the shit people throw at her they eed to realise that there fave could never touch her performances back in the day or the hard work she put in at the start.

  2. What's up with her voice? Like a crusty android. Seriously, if that's how she's talking now I wonder how damaged her studio free singing voice is. Girl needs to stop smoking and whatever other ill behaviour she's up too. If she's living clean now I'm sorry that her dark days left such lasting damage. There much be something else Britney is good at coz I'm losing hope that she can come back as a singer/performer.


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