Chris Brown's willy

Chris Brown has only gone and thrown another spanner into his own works. First he goes and hundred hand slaps Rihanna, now he goes and takes a picture of his willy. Silly boy. It's difficult to have sympathy for him. He does it to himself.

Chris made that age old mistake of sending a full frontal picture of himself to a lady friend...or so the story goes. The picture of Chris is a recent one, as it shows him sporting his new blonde hair. Which begs the question: why Chris would go and send a full frontal picture of himself to anybody when he knows full well shit like this can get out and he has an album on the way? So this could mean either one of two things: 1) Chris Brown is a heck of a lot more stupid than I thought he was. 2) That this is all a publicity stunt that Chris himself is in on.

Chris Brown's penis being all over the Internet will hardly damage his career any further though. In comparison to wife-beater-gate, penis pictures are relatively minor. I'll hand it to Chris though. His penis is more impressive than his music. Not that that's saying much. Click here to see it in all its glory.


  1. L M A O, Supprised it hasn't happened before, everybody takes naked pics and if you're famous they're bound to get out somehow (remember Rihanna's?) but yeah (x3?) i think Chris is in on this lol
    I don't wanna sound like a perv wither but who takes a pic of a floppy dick? Chris you need to go Hard or go home LOL

  2. floppy or whatev, ooooh damn! is all i have to say on the subject! maybe that's what he beat rih rih with....


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