The Forehead lifts Chris 'Take you down' Brown's restraining order

So it would seem that Elmo's Godmother (formerly the ho of Ronald McDonald) has lifted the restraining order on Chris Brown, which effectively prevented him being within one hundred feet of her. People have been wondering whether the scarlet haired mess went and lost her damn mind (along with the contact of the home girl who hooked her up with good wigs during Good girl gone bad). But she states the decision was purely for the sake of Chris Brown's career:
I just didn't want to make it more difficult for him professionally. Saying he has to be a hundred feet away from me, he can’t perform at awards shows - that definitely made it difficult for him.
Would'ya look at that! Our red haired raggamuffin is all growed up!

This was a really admirable thing she did for Chris. She could have kept the restraining order in place, f**ked up Chris Brown's career with it and played the super scorned woman by showing up to EVERY single award show and event for the sake of scuppering any shot of him performing live. But she was the bigger woman and still kept his best interests at heart; which is more than what Chris had for her the night he went and put it on her like Ryu from Street Fighter.

I'm sure not wanting to be the target of resentment from Chris' fans also played its part. But none-the-less, this was an admirable thing she did. More admirable than most feel he deserves. She might want to make sure that if she's in the same building as Chris, that she picks a corner with no chairs or windows. We know how Chris has a thing for throwing furniture at windows now. I bet IKEA is his idea of Disney land. Furniture, glass, and female sale assistants manning whole sections on their own.

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  1. the devil wants another opportunity to take him all the way out. he better stay as far away as he can get


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