f(x)'s Sulli gets paid to act like she cares about some FIFA game.

There's a new FIFA game out in Korea. And rather than pick a male celebrity, they picked a member of f(x)...the wrong member. Sulli. F**king Sulli!?

Listen to baby faced f(x) girl in her promotional interview. This isn't subbed. But she's probably talking about how amazing the graphics look, that it looks like real soccer on TV, how she'll look forward to playing [insert some random SHINee members' name] online and that she always got excited watching her [insert male relative who played football act school] play in matches.

If you want a chick from f(x) to be the face of your new FIFA game, you go to Amber. That bitch looks like she'd slide tackle a dude down, get in his face and then cock her leg open, whip out a willy and piss on the sideline. She's my favourite member of f(x) because she just doesn't give a shit. She'd rather be caught dead than be caught looking like she actually has a vagina. Amber should have been who EA sports hollered at. I bet she be on that Xbox Live and cussing out boys mothers too. Love that girl.

f(x)'s Sulli selected as endorsement model for "Fifa online 2" @ allkpop


  1. Behold: Amber in stilettos:


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