Kelly Rowland in her ghetto basement version of Kylie's "All the lovers"

Here is Kelly channeling her inner freak on the set of her music video for the outdated as hell club jam "Motiviation".

Why Kelly is rolling song which could substitute for a heavy dose of Night nurse for a single is beyond me. Perhaps she knows something I don't. But just watch how this shit manages to blow up and catch this ho a hit. Kelly and Universal already seem confused as to which direction to take her third studio album, that "Motivation" becoming a hit would just leave them comatose. After catching a hit with David Guetta which seemed like a dead cert chemistry for follow ups, she flops TWICE with two David Guetta produced singles and manages to catch a hit with an urban joint!? Heads would explode, and of course that album would get caught in the blast and be sent into 2011.

The "Motivation" video looks like a ghetto basement version of Kylie Minogue's "All the lovers". But it looks hot.


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