Lady Gaga wears a shoe on her head...

Lady Gaga's style trait for her Born this way era seems to be angled exaggerations to her physical anatomy. It looks strange, but that's just how Gaga likes it. Plus, it's a style attribute you can link to this album era. She's been taking them Madonna notes and taking them well! Perhaps a little too wel. But I won't divulge back into how "Born this way" sounds like a complete rip-off of Madonna's "Express yourself". (Whoops! My bad).

These snaps were shot by Mariano Vivanco and are additional takes to those which featured in i-D magazine. They look a lot like her The Fame monster shots. I'm not feeling Gaga's monster pose into the camera. And that shot of her poking out her near non existent booty does nothing for me. But the side shot of her clutching her head is hot to death. That right there is a front runner for an album cover shot. Even though it doesn't greatly show off her new angled concept, the shot of her in profile shows real confidence, as it's not considered to be her most flattering angle (that nose). But she looks great, and it ties into the whole acceptance dealio she seems to be running with for this album.

Thanks John for the heads up on these!

Hot shots: New Lady GaGa 'Born this way' promo pics @ That grape juice


  1. So now she's got freckles too?

  2. She looks disgusting as usual, but I guess that's what she's going for. *shrugs*

  3. Like @?/J said the profile shot is cool *chokes on my own words* but the rest are the usual shit of her making some flop faces and sticking her pancake ass out (oh well at least we don't have to see her spaniel ear tits too...).
    She is so boring, anything she does just doesn't shock me at all anymore... She should just save the crazy shit for performances and video's by using it 24/7 it has become a tedious joke.

    Not impressed with "Born this way" at all and i'm guessing the rest of the album will be equally self indulgent and unoriginal, i really wish Britney was on her A Game because her music is HOT and she is looking HOT (when "performing" and in vids) but since Gaga is whoring herself out to the max she will sell more... SMH

  4. Honestly, the b*tch needs to put that flapjack booty away. There's nothing to stick out. She looks like she's dying of a terminal illness. Someone needs to force feed her a tub of lard because she looks malnourished.


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