Miming Mimi to drop a new album this year!?

Mariah has a lot on her plate this year. Two new additions to the family and the recording of a new album if reports are to be believed!

Mariah was approached by Simon Cowell to appear on the US premiere of The X-Factor, but she declined the offer; instead deciding to focus on raising her children and also work on her new album.

A stint on a music reality show would have been a great promotion vehicle for Mariah and her new album. But the fan and moral human in me is glad she's deciding to focus on her family and just lay low to work on her new album. And Simon has not ruled out Mariah's appearance on the show, as she expressed desire to be involved in some form.

I'm really looking forward to this album and hearing how motherhood will colour her music. Mariah did nice things on her Christmas album. Vocally she sounded stronger than she did on her last 2 albums, and I loved the new style she tapped into for "Oh Santa!". So there's hope that Nick Cannon's sperm in Mariah may spawn miracles aside from children.

I'm sure Mariah's song in dedication to her babies will feature metaphors about dandelions, horses, sunlights and butterflies and shit. She'll probably throw it right back and go and call the album Unicorn after finally managing to string more than one word into her album titles. But I hope motherhood has her looking forward and trying something completely new. Mimi should set up a studio in the delivery room and have Bryan Michael Cox recording engineer that shit. I bet Mariah will be hitting them notes she usually struggles to whilst she's trying to push two babies out of her vagina.


  1. LMAO at her hitting notes that she usually struggles to hit. HA HA
    You better get the Guinness book of world records in there too, because she's about to break another record for hitting the highest note.

  2. "I bet Mariah will be hitting them notes she usually struggles to whilst she's trying to push two babies out of her vagina" *DEAD* X_X

    I heard that this album is just gonna be a kind of rush job to wrap up her DEATH Jam contract and then she's moving to some other label (forgot which) that LA Reid is going to and that the album after this forthcomming one will be her "comeback" album.

    I honestly think she needs to move label, everything since "Emancipation..." has been shit promotion wise and single choices have been bad. It's rediculous the way her label dropped tha ball, "Emancipation..." era was the shit in terms of singles, video's, promotion etc.


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