Mini album art: Sky Ferreira - As if!

I like this cover, although I should hate it. The As if! font is just plain ol' Arial black in italic, and Sky is looking as hard as a pumice stone in the face. But the whole thing is just doing it for me.

Sky Ferreira will be releasing her first mini album on March 22. This chick had me sprung from "One", which I absolutely loved. Clips of the songs indicate that As if! will  be a glossy pop 80's affair. Not what I was expecting at all, so I'm pleasantly surprised. Although I imagine some of her long terms fans are reeling at Sky's decision to release something so steeped in gloss; when Sky earlier leaks featured a tad more angst and were rough around the edges, and also that 2 of the songs on As if! leaked long ago. But hey, sometimes a bitch has gotta do what she's gotta do to keep that record deal and get a first album out.


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