Music video: 2NE1 - Can't nobody (English version)

This video is old news now, but I just stumbled upon a high (ish) quality of it, so figured I'd post it. The English version of "Can't nobody" was strangely enough released in Japan digitally via iTunes. And it took a good while before it surfaced online and did the rounds.

The video is pretty much the same as the Korean version, with the only notable visual changes being a couple of Dara's scenes. The girl cannot sing for shit. But she always looks good and sexes the camera in photoshoots and music videos. I give her scene which featured high fashion, thunderstorms and pussy in her hands a thumbs up!

2NE1 were due to partake in some promotional activities in Japan, but for obvious reasons these have all been put on hold. And instead, YG will prep the girls for their Korean comeback earlier than anticipated.


  1. I really dislike 2NE1 street thing like Big Bang it comes off really disingenuous since most these kids are just regular folk that audition and are given fake persona. Hence these video is just a smash up of random shit that seems cool

  2. "I let them hoes no I run the show, show." I see song writing continues to scale new heights.
    I agree with Anonymous, this is laughable.

  3. @Anon & Beruda - but isn't that most of pop anyway? aside from the bastions of the business who prove their staying power, i feel like most of these artists are dressed and styled and told how to do all this. no real bearing on how the music makes the public when they know this.

    give me a hot beat, some swagger (fake or otherwise) and some flashy clothes behind it, and you got me feeling you! as proven by everything up to the first chorus, they gave me LIFE!!! dem gals best to WERQ!!!

  4. Bryan the difference is that these folks are trying to act GHETTO.

    And anyone who tried to act ghetto who aren't from the ghetto/projects/streets just makes their whole concept invalid.

    Britney singing slut songs, duh she's a slut (and I love her). Gaga singing some weird Industrial whatever inspired song, well duh she's that weird gurl you'd expect form her. Ke$ha is some drunk betch, and she is, so her songs is like a drunk betch.

    Then you've got someone like this gurl who acts like she's Ciara's Asian BFF or something...

  5. Bitches please... you will never finda more swaggerific bxtch than CL, now you hoes know she's runnin the show. #BowDownHaterz


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