Music video: Jennifer Lopez featuring Pitbull - On the floor

I'm not feeling the song at all. It sounds like a Kat DeLuna rip off. Poor chick. She worked with RedOne first, constantly and consistently, yet every other chick is catching the hits with him but her.

J.Ho looked good in this video. 41 years old with two kids and she looks THAT good. You gotta give a mama some props. She damn near killed me that silver spider web designed jump suit. But the video itself was rubbish. I'm getting sick and tired of everybody who used to / can still dance releasing videos to club bangers where there is no choreographed dancing, or the dancing which does feature is just some half arsed looking crap (can you tell this was shade for Britney too?). Granted, J.Lo can't move how she did back during her J.Lo and Rebirth era's. But surely the chick can still lock down some steps. I remember how a bitch was swinging around a microphone, 2 stepping, semi krumping and hair whipping when she was more than 6 months gone in that "Hold it don't drop it" video. Homegirl's getting lazy. If P. Diddy was still her man, he would not have let this shit happen. J.Lo would be sweating those hair extensions the f**k out.

I want that "Good hit" video to drop. Jenny was working the high school block in that video, and I hate myself for how much I actually like that song.


  1. YESSSSSS!!! she needs to put "good hit" on the fast track. vid's already shot and she dancing on stools too! let's go j'lo!

  2. I actually LOVE this song, as soon as i heard it i was like "JLO is back" and i was right.
    The video is hot and YES haha that silver catsuit thing was amazing and i actually like the video but it would have been better with some propper choreography like you said, i mean when she was on that podium and the other JLO was looking at her like "yes bxtch your doing it" i was thinkin, no JLO just no do it propperly.
    I know she can still do it because i remember she performed that medley at the World Music Awards not long ago and danced her ass of, i think that was the same show Namie Amuro performed at too.

    I need the "Good Hit" video too that looks like it's gonna be great, dance wise etc and the song really grew on me too lol
    I hope "What is love" makes it onto the album.

  3. Ooooooo, I really like her eye makeup, lol, those eyelashes :)


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