Music video: Kumi Koda - Be my baby

If this video had featured tight choreography right the way through and better camera work, this could have been a really hot video. But there were too many instances were Kumi was doing that I'm-not-really-dancing-yet side to side step shit that we all do in the club when we're warming up. And some of the camera shots were too long and too boring. I lost interest 2 minutes in. And what was with her facial expressions!? They did not look sexy. They looked odd. Bitch needs to stop. And she needs to work on her ponytail whipping too. She was eating her hair in half of this video because she couldn't whip her shit right. Somebody direct her to links of Beyoncé videos on YouTube, so she can see how you do it right.

Watch the original artists of "Be my baby" camp it up in their own music video to the very same song, which was released back in 1988. It's much more entertaining than Kumi's piece of crap.


  1. I agree on all points - especially the camera angles. I don't know what made the editor pick a wide overhead shot during the chorus that showed NONE of the dancing. But the song grows on me more and more, plus I think the choreography is hot.

    Also, thanks for the link to the original! 80s music isn't really my thing but I couldn't help but find it slightly awesome.

  2. This whole song video was just so "blah" like... wtf Kumi this was boring as fuck and she needs to realise that 2 different pattern tights are not cool.
    Coulda been hot but unfortunately is not.

    LOL i actually prefer the original and the video was more interesting, and when 2 guys in a white room are more interesting you have problems.


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