Music video: Kumi Koda - Megumi no hito

Bitch must have been on a tight budget. Because that is the same damn set that "Be my baby" had its video shot on. Kumi looked cute in her Playboy bunny esque get up, and the dancing was cute. But those shoes... When your shoe game is looking worse than Perfume's, then you know your shoe game is HP 0.

I know that "Be my baby" and "Megumi no hito" were recorded for a different album. But they really should have been set aside for Dejavu instead. I could think of a couple of songs I'd delete off of the Dejavu tracklist in their places.

Thanks to Sarah for the links to both of Kumi's Eternity: Love & songs music videos.

And here's the original "Megumi no hito" being performed live by Rats & Star for those who are interested.


  1. I think the budget went on the PVs for the Dejavu album tracks; but still Megumi no hito is a dry video and I'm not a big fan of 'cute' Kuu myself to be frank.

    Looking forward to your album review btw :-)

  2. This is so confusing, so "Be my baby" & "Magumi no hito" are both on "Eternity and love songs" but the Videos are on the CD/DVD version of "Dejavu"? O_o
    Avex is just weird sometimes lol

    Anyway this video is dry as fxck but Kumi does look hot in the playboy bunny outfit (and her shoes are actually ok, the dancers got shat on with them nasty shoes though lol).
    This would have been so much better if it was the Missing in action Slutty Kumi doing it instead of the annoying "cute" Kumi, when will (sl)Avex realise we just want Kumi to slut it up again?!

    If we want cute we got Perfume FFS.

    P.S At first i thought the song was boring but after listening to it again without watching the vid i like it more, which isn't a good thing for the video.


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