Music video: Namie Amuro featuring Tomohisa Yamashita - Unusual

This woman must be drinking the blood of virgin midgets from a remote part of Krakow or f**king Father Time. Because clocks got turned back on a bitch AGAIN in this music video. Look at her at 1:36. How the hell is she able to look younger than she did 10 years ago!? When it comes to aging well and gracefully, nobody is doing it like this woman. She just gets hotter and better looking with age. I remember when Namie was looking like a tramp with a set of teeth that looked like they got smacked with a hockey stick. Bitch has come a long way. Keeping up appearances must be taking its toll on her though, because it seems all Namie can do in her videos these days is sit down. She sat in a car in "Wonder woman". Sat in a char in "Make it happen". And then again with the chair in "Unusual". I'm expecting there to be some sitting down in the "Black out" video too.

Namie and Yamashita had chemistry in this video, but it was not the type the song suggests. It was like watching an Aunt and nephew dance together. There was no spark, no zest, no nothing. At least not until the very end of the video. I'm sure females who feature in music videos with Johnny's boys probably have to sign a clause which states that they cannot depict any act of passion or lust with the star in question. Crystal Kay held Jin's hand in the "Wonder" music video, which was a no-no. This probably explains why home girls' Spin the music album bombed. Johnny Kitagawa lit the fuse on that shit.

The video for "Unusual" is f**king boring. It was like a cross between "Love game", "Break it" and the opening of "Wild" with all the corridors and shit. Yamapee-pee and Namie looked good. But other than that, this video added nothing to the song what-so-ever. If Namie hopped in front of a wind machine and let the hair blow and Yamapoo-poo took off his shirt, we might have been on to something good.


  1. It was a party of dead fish eyes all they needed was after school's UEE. The music video was bore but I was expecting to be since Namie video aren't that amazing.

    I don't get why you are so fascinated with her aging she is only 33 the same age as Shakira.

  2. awww....i'm so disappointed! where was the awesome dancing that i needed on the hot breakdown. namie can do batter than that!

    the only cute part was their lil ending pose...and somebody tell me why she looked JUST LIKE BoA in that white hoodie?!

  3. Anonymous said...

    "I don't get why you are so fascinated with her aging she is only 33 the same age as Shakira."

    Yeah she's young, she looks like most women in their late 20's or early 30's (women who have access to great makeup, flattering lighting and good camera angles anyway) ;). Besides she's more polished than she was 10 yrs ago.

    Terrible video, mediocre song. This guy has about as much sex appeal as a door knob. There's no chemistry between them. What is up with that in Japan? Is there some rule that says men and women can't touch each other or show any kind of sensuality in a video?

  4. I forgot to mention that he can't sing and she looks bored, as usual.

  5. Well I actually enjoyed that. Namie was looking hot and I appreciate that she danced at all, though I've got to say the quality of the dancing was not actually all that good. But whatever, she actually got out of her chair this time. I'm going to take that.

    I think Tomohisa was looking nice too, whenever he had his mouth shut anyway. It's a shame he really can't sing, because else I'd be all over this song.

    Come to think of it, this song is very reminiscent of Justin Timberlake / Madonna's '4 Minutes'...

  6. WHY of WHYYYYY is Namie incapable of making a hot video? i seriously can't remember a hot video that was AMAZING from her.
    She must be working with shit directors, can't she hook up with one of the people that direct her adverts?! FFS.
    Anyway the song is good but the video is whack, and Namie as usual looks like she really couldn't give a fxck and is dragging herself through the motions.
    She looks hot though.

    P.S DAMN, wish CK & Jin released "Wonder" that was some hot shxt lol

  7. "ThatBoyLuke (AKA FUTURESTAR) said...

    P.S DAMN, wish CK & Jin released "Wonder" that was some hot shxt lol"

    I haven't given up hope that the song (and others that they might be working on) will get released. Now that Jin has gone solo perhaps he'll have a little more freedom to release the music that he wants to release, I'm sure that's part of the reason he went solo in the first place.


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