Music video: Namie Amuro featuring Kaname Kawabta (of Chemistry) - #1

Was Namie actually working some waist!? It's nice to see she was trying, but she may as well have done what she's been doing for her past three music videos and just sat down. That Past < Future tour must have drained her ability to dance. Namie was never the best dancer. To be honest, she always moved like a dead goldfish. But at least she danced and looked kinda cool in a 'I really-don't-give-a-damn-f**k kinda way. Her music videos used to come with a guarantee that Namie would dance from start to finish. But not anymore.

I was not expecting "#1" to be this uptempo, so it's a nice surprise. I'm not in love with the song though. It's probabaly my least favourite out of the new Checkmate! collabo's so far. "Make it happen" is still shitting on everything else.

It's a damn shame Namie and Kaname did not shoot the music video together, because they would look so good together. Kaname has what Yamashita doesn't; swagger. And you know he would have been putting his hands in places Yamashita has no idea about, whilst Namie looks at the camera like "Yo' hand shouldn't be there, but I'm glad it is playa. Take it lower".


  1. Another boring video. I would have liked to see namie drop it down low and wine her shit... oh well.

  2. Utter boredom :[

  3. Maybe she just doesn't care and is just fulfilling her Avex quota. I felt for BEST FICTION she couldn't give a shit but for PAST FUTURE she seemed passionate I guess she needs to feel the project to care and this one is probably like a routine.

    Also for the work she does she only makes around 1.3 million dollars year I saw it in an article.

  4. Video is boring as fxck... they may aswell ask her to film it in her walk in wardrobe.

    @Anonymous, I SERIOUSLY doubt Namie only makes $1.8m a year, i know she's on Slavex but after having a double platinum album, endorsements with coke and Vidal Sassoon (and probably more) and embarking on a major tour that figure is rediculously low.

    P.S LOL at Namie refusing to interview Gaga <3 she doesn't need to waste her time with that hoe.


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