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NBC's The voice is about to kick off and it's gaining a heck of a lot of traction and looks to be a show to give American idol a run for its money. Sure, American idol has star judge Jennifer Hopelez. But The voice has 4 star judges who all have singing ability. If Cee-Lo, Chrissy, Adam or Blake ratted on my singing, I'd still hate on them and wish their career a steady decline as I stand on stage and act like I'm not dying inside. But I could never turn around and say "What do YOU know about singing talent?" J.Ho on the other hand... Granted. You don't need to be a great singer to know whether somebody has a good voice or not. But you can't shoot criticism down from somebody so quickly who can actually sing. Well...you can. But you can't f**k with their voices. Christina could stand up and be like "Bitch, THIS is how you sang..." and jump around the octave scale like Super Mario in the Mushroom kingdom. J.Ho couldn't. This is what happened the last time she tried to.

I swear, some of Christina's wigs and weaves be looking nastier than Britney's. Why does her shit always look so fried out, and as though it's trying to swallow the whole of her head!? Sorry Christina. But Adam Levine out prettied you in this commercial. If that wig wasn't melded to your scalp due to years of peroxide abuse, he would have snatched it.

Christina stars in commercial for NBC's 'The voice'... @ Toya'z world


  1. The shows looks okay but has that typical fake look that most NBC reality shows have like a fake audience and really polished set.

    But I was surprised to see that Adam Levine speaks like teenager and Xtina is very chubby and her Marylin look is getting old.

  2. This looks like an awsome show, even if XTina wasn't a judge i'd still be watching. This is gonna appeal to the millions of people (like me) who are tired of seeing no tallent hoes get further in "singing" competitions just because they're more marketable aesthetically.
    It's also great do have judges that can SING, Cee Lo and Adam are great and of course XTina is AMAZING, the other guy must be good too but i dunno him.
    Christina looks a lil chubby but she also seems to have lost some weight IMO, though i do agree her weaves are busted, why can't she get a decent one? she should go back to the look she had in Diddi's "Tell me" video that was hot.

    P.S Adam <3<3<3<3 LOL haha

    P.P.S anybody else think X Factor USA is gonna flop?

  3. oh my my my...that adam levine is so smokin! i mean i knew this already but that speaking voice and his smile is like WOW!


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