Official Femme fetale tracklist

The full tracklisting for Femme fetale has hit, and it features a rather generous amount of tracks. I'm surprised "3" didn't get tagged on as a bonus track. Although this could still happen when we get to see the tracklists for the UK and Japanese editions of the album, one of which is probably sure to get it.

With the tracklisting also comes the rather disappointing confirmation as to which producers made the cut and which one in particular didn't...

Standard edition tracklisting
  1. Till the world ends
  2. Hold it against me
  3. Inside out
  4. I wanna go
  5. How I roll
  6. (Drop dead) Beautiful featuring Sabi
  7. Seal it with a kiss
  8. Big fat bass featuring
  9. Trouble for me
  10. Trip to your heart
  11. Gasoline
  12. Criminal
Additional tracks featured on the deluxe edition 
  • Up n’ down
  • He about to lose me
  • Selfish
  • Don't keep me waiting

Full album production credits for this album have also been made available, and I'm saddened to say that this album features no Danja and Miss Lago. I'm really disappointed about this, because I felt they did an amazing job on Blackout and their contributions to Circus. But once I heard some of the work of Billboard and that clip of "Criminal" ("All good things (come to and end)" and "Miles away" anyone?), I just knew in my gut that Danja wouldn't make the album. Because Dr. Luke, Max Martin and Billboard were putting forth tracks which sounded so much like Danja anyway. It's almost like they were trying to get him on the record somehow without actually having him be on it. Hopefully some of his work on the album (if Britney put vocals on them and Danja finished them) will leak at some point.

The bonus tracks feature productions from Stargate and also Rodney Jerkins. Stargate are chameleons and can be dark horses with their productions. Sometimes their shit sounds samey and stale, and at other times they knock it out of the park completely and blind sight you. I rather like that I have zero idea what "Selfish" will sound like. Rodney Jerkins was a producer who with the help of LaShawn Daniels could get ladies with limited vocals sounding really good. (Spice girls come to mind. "Holler" is still my shizzle!) But now, his sound is just inconsistent and indistinct. That hot Darkchild stamp his music used to have; sometimes you hear it in his productions, sometimes you don't at all. I absolutely hated Rodney Jerkins work with Britney on her Oops!...I did it again and Britney albums. So I'm not expecting much from him here.

Femme fetale marks the first release of Britney's in 6 years where Max Martin is credited on more than 3 songs, and takes the reigns for the majority of the album. It's rather sweet really, that the two of them are re-united again and are still able to knock out the hits after all these years.


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