The pop deeba performs on Music lovers

I'm done with "Pop diva". The song is boring to me now, as was this performance. Kumi Koda's vocals were on point as they always are, and she looked good. But the whole thing was just boring. The only point at which I edged forward towards the screen was when I saw Kumi had a male back-up dancer dressed up as a woman. Either that or one of those girls missed her menstrual cycle completely.

I wish Kumi would be consistent with her style during her album cycles. Just to make her era's easier to define. I'm not saying she has to go cartoon character style and wear the SAME thing in every performance. But just one common style trait would really help. Only once have I see her perform rocking the same hair and dress she wears in the video. She dirtied up the elegance of it with the quickness when she went down face floor to the ground and opened her legs though. But at least it was a point of reference to the music video and the Dejavu era.

She'll probably have a new triple A-side out by April anyway.

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  1. Are you talking about the one lying on the floor in the top hat and the pink top? I spent the entire video looking for a bulge!


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