Put Hikaru's Wild life in your life

Hikaru Utada's Wild life will get a home release!! Punch the air Hikki fans. Dragon punch that shit like your name is Ryu or Ken!

This is news which has pleased every Hikki fan around the world. Well...the ones who didn't mind the concert and could sit through the momentary lapses of shaky vocals. All in all I thought Wild life was a solid concert. The live renditions of "Colors" and "Letters" had me fall so bang in love that the concert was win for those moments alone. So I'll be copping the Wild life home release fa sho'! But not until I get myself a PlayStation 3. I want this bitch in my house in high definition. F**k DVD.

Wild life will feature the whole entire concert, as well as bonus footage; which consists of a documentary chronicling all of the moments leading up to the first day of the tour, Hikaru meeting and interacting with her fans on both of the concert days, and a gallery. The DVD version has this content split across 2 discs. Needless to say, the Blu ray edition has it all on one.


  1. I've pre ordered it on blu ray, it'll be the first in my collection :D

    I hope the 'In the Flesh' footage release is not far behind!!


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