Single art: Britney Spears - Till the world ends

"Till the world ends" is the official follow up single to "Hold it against me". The song is written by Ke$ha, who as we may remember dissed Britney a little in a song she'd written and also contributed vocals to her Circus album. Britney probably has no idea who this Ke$ha ho is though.

In album related news, Dr. Luke continues to leak snippets off of Femme fetale, which is bordering on ridiculous now. STOP WITH THE DAMN SNIPPETS!!! Give us SOME surprise when this album drops. And regardless of how YouTube vids of the snippets get spammed with "OMFG I LOVE YOU GODNEY!!!" These short snippets of songs is no substitue for Britney actually promoting. 2 singles deep into an album which is 3 weeks away and all Britney's done is tweet. Bitch needs to act right.

The latest snippet of the album closer "Criminal" does sound hot to death though. Very "All good things (Come to an end)" and Madonna's "Miles away"-sey. Dr. Luke and Max Martin swagger jacked Danja real hard. But from the sounds of things, they swagger jacked pretty nicely.


  1. What an unflattering picture. Looks like she has to hit the restroom.

  2. i actually agree. i hate this cover art - one single i will not be copping just because of the cover. and that's a rarity

  3. I don't like the cover either, The single and album covers are so boring so far and in this she looks like Pamela Anderson which today isn't a good thing.

    The Mario Testino shots are WAY better.

  4. Danja must be sitting somewhere seething right now. That coulda been him, if it weren't for industry politics.

    Hold It Against Me swagger jacked Duran Duran's Zoom In, and you described Criminal already... I wonder what other Danja tracks they raided for inspiration.


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