Single review: MiChi - Love is

Sadly, 2010 came and went with no full length release from the UK born J-starlet that is MiChi (real name: Michiko Sellars). But she managed to ring in the year with what had to be one of my favourite songs of 2010. And just when I thought we'd get nothing for the tail end of the year, she dropped Love is - bookending the year with yet another contender for my favourite songs of 2010 short list.

MiChi reinvents no wheels with this release. But she puts some shiny ass rims on 'em, and oils that shit so good that you'll just roll with 'em and enjoy the ride. MiChi is a woman who despite being in the game for such a short time and having only one full length release under her belt, is 100% sure of her sound and what works for her. And Love is marks MiChi fully embracing that.

"Love is" is a trim slice of pop goodness. A bit of 2-step, a bit of rock, and a bit of new wave. Yet it's drip fed to you across the song in such a way that you don't really notice just how much is going on in the song. You just enjoy it as it takes you through an aural sound-scape of everything a good pop record should have. "Love is" follows in the vein of "Promise" and "Kiss Kiss xxx" of being a really nice uplifting release, but with the musical edge of "Hey girl".

Whilst "Love is" gets top billing on this release, it's "Yeah yeah yeah!!!" which gets my vote. It's such a wonderfully uplifting song; with a loud, catchy and warm hook that makes you want to just wave your arms around and grin like a stupid f**k. It's almost criminal this was not made an A-side and vaulted until Spring or Summer came around. And with Japan really going through it right now, a pick-yourself-up-'n-fight song like this with such uplifting music and encouraging lyrics would do wonders for really boosting morale. Great song.

Those who have followed MiChi since her MiChi madness release know that she has two sides to her music. Pop glossed and grimed underground. "Jump on it" taps into the latter. It's a filthy dance jam which will get you swaying and sweating it up against desirables and undesirables alike. Those who liked Up to you's "Shibuya de punch" and the breakdown of "Why oh why" will dig this song. It punctuates the EP completely, but in the best possible way. I like sweet 'n proper MiChi. But I like me skanky MiChi on the side too, and won't ever turn her away.

Love is is another solid release from MiChi. Her sound is pretty samey. And fans will undoubtedly be able to name previous releases of hers which "Love is" and "Yeah yeah yeah!!!" borrow heavily from. But the songs are so perfectly produced and catchy, that you're willing to just accept that MiChi put out another set of really good pop songs with wheelbarrows full of personality. A nice little release with enough going on with it to tide us fans over until the second album drops.

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