The 4 minute sluts make their comeback on Music core

4 minute made a comeback on Music core. But as K-Pop lovers know, a comeback in Korea marks when a group hasn't performed on a stage for more than a week, and not years as is the case in the West. The 4 minute sluts donned their shiny silver outfits to drop a hot performance of "Mirror mirror" after going on 2NE1'-ish with a performance of the craptastic "Heart to heart".

Beyoncé has serious competition. She raised the bar when she performed "Green light" on Good morning America and jumped up and down in f**king heels. But Hyuna went one better and swang legs around and stomped shit out in hers during "Heart to heart". Don't mess with bitches in Korea. Just don't.

Heart to heart

Mirror mirror

Jiyoon put so much swag into that spin during "Mirror mirror" that her earring flew off and hit Jihyun in the shoulder. And how DARE the folks in the gallery cut away from Hyuna floor hump after the opening of the legs! That shit right there was the best part of the music video and where it's at!


  1. I like Mirror

    but if 4minute and 2ne1 combined and ditched each others weakest members they would be the best though it would never happen

    Since 2ne1 are hell bent on debuting America it wouldn't hurt to have some eye candy like Hyuna or some of the other girls in 4minute

    Cuz lets face it with their crunk accents and plain looks I can't 2ne1 going far in America since looks get your far (Katy Perry,Rihanna)


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