Album art: Jennifer Lopez - Love?

Jennifer Hopelez going gypsy glam on the album cover for the oft-delayed Love? was revealed yonks ago. But we have a full official tracklisting and a confirmed release date to go along with it now! Love? will drop on May 3. And unless something goes seriously wrong, such as Randy Jackson's swivel chair losing a wheel and causing him to collide into Jennifer and send her flying off of the stage and breaking her neck, this date will stick.

Standard edition
  1. On the floor featuring Pitbull
  2. Good hit
  3. I'm into you featuring Lil' Wayne
  4. (What is) Love?
  5. Run the world
  6. Papi
  7. Until it beats no more
  8. One love
  9. Invading my mind
  10. Villain
  11. Starting over
  12. Hypnotico

Deluxe edition (additional tracks)
  • Everybody's girl
  • Charge me up
  • Take care
  • On the floor (Ven a bailar) featuring Pitbull

"On the floor" and "I'm in to you" are singles. "Good hit" we heard a bit of. "Until it beats no more" and "Starting over" got massacred on Saturday night live last year ("Until it beats no more" is what was known back then as "Pieces"). "Invading my mind" leaked a few weeks back. "Everybody's girl" leaked even longer ago. And if "(What is) Love?" is the Wynter Gordon penned, Rodney Jerkins produced joint which leaked in 2009: then we've heard half of this album already!

I've not loved any of what I've heard from this album thus far aside from: "Good hit" - which is auto-tuned, urban, club nonsense that just seems to do it for me. "(What is) Love?" was nice, but it would have been better had a female with vocal talent gotten the song.

When is that "Good hit" video dropping for f**ks sake!? It's going to get done like "Put it in a love song" isn't it?


  1. I may end up buying this, i'm becomming a JLO stan lmfao X_X (but not quite).
    I love "On the Floor", "I'm into you", "Invading my mind" and "(what is) Love?" and i like "Good hit".
    I'm actually rooting for her (yeah i said "rooting for...") she's slapped my flop predictions in the face lmao who needs FLOPyonce when JLO is around? :D lol

  2. meh and I found all her material really generic and she is smart to come back in early May

    Do you know she tiring to a milk a world tour out of this


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