Album art: Lady Gaga - Born this way

This Gaga fused motorcycle blow job giving mess is the official album cover for Born this way.

I don't think anybody was expecting this to be the Born this way album cover after Gaga was pushing that angled, freckle faced, talon finger nailed alien concept in every damn photoshoot and public appearance. But she's gone and blind-sighted everybody with this shit that looks like an badly knocked together box art for a Mega Drive game developed in the 80's.

I hate this shit because it looks so rubbish. But kinda like it for that exact same reason.

Oh. And she totally ripped off the Shiva sisters from Final Fantasy XIII.


  1. The picture disgust me like hell,
    But it doesn't matter bcuz it's probably fake anyway.

  2. It looks terrible.

    Why do I kind of like it?


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