Beni gets a new hair style. Looks like Ayu.

Beni blogged that she got herself a new hair do and then posted a picture of it. She may as well have tweeted that she just copied Ayumi Hamasaki, because that's exactly what it looks like she did with this shit.

Bitch must have walked up into a Ginza salon in with a copy of Moon / Blossom and said "Do my hair like this!" And as for the picture, she's even got Ayu's signature everyday big sunglasses and mouth purse look on lock down!

Beni. Listen to me. It's going to take more than looking like Ayumi Hamasaki to push units like Ayumi Hamasaki. Stay in yo' lane!

Beni's last studio album Jewel tanked on the Oricon charts. It could not have tanked any harder if an actual tank rolled through Tokyo shooting up every branch of HMV and Tower records, and then rammed into CD Japan's servers to shut down those online sales. A real shame, because it was a bloody good album. In fact, it was a damn good album which caught me by surprise it was so good! "See U again" and "The first time" get played to death! And I've even started liking "2face", which I could not stand at first.

Beni switches up her hairstyle @ Tokyohive


  1. lol

    But Ayu changes hairstyles each album promo so running into her hairstyle isn't hard

    Her last album bombing wasn't a surprise I don't know why her company doesn't hound those gyaru chicks to snatch up her album like Kana Nishino who's album wasn't that amazing but sold like hotcakes

    Do you know Kana Nishino music and her album which beat all the vets last year....opinion?


    Crystal Kay and Beni together traveling the seem like general friends

    I imagine its BoA, Beni and Crystal Kay on girls night out all bitching about their recent flops

  3. The woman doesn't sell units because of Daisuke Imai's mediocre beats. And I think Beni needs a more sexualized image...she's hot enough to pull it off...then things will sellll

  4. LMAO well beni's used to low album sales. Look at the sales for the first half of her career. lol And crystal always been content with just hitting the platinum and gold marks. I find it funny that Crystal Kay and Beni are friends and went to the same university, and they're both selling horribly at the moment. And in BoA's case, you get what you deserve. Bitch Sounded fed up on Identity, and poo weekend was complete shit. It sounded like disney and nickelodeon collided in a fatal accident and the aftermath was that garbage of a song. Plus she looked like she was bout ready to fuck someone at Avex Trax up. Although Jewel tanked, it did a hell of a lot better than spin the music. The music spun its way right down to the bottom of the charts.

  5. S+M+H = My reaction to this pic.

    Beni wtf? do you have NO shame? how can you have the audacity to blatently jack somebodies whole style? At least Kumi gives it a minor variation so you can't say she's 100% swagger jacking ayu lol Ayu better throw a wad of yen in Beni's face and up her security, i see she's rooting through Ayu's trash just like Gaga does with Madonna lol

  6. ok, Im a huge Ayu fan but this look is so generic, big sunnies are most girls must haves and a cute kind of bob style is nothing new, both were common even before ayu. i dont think this is copycat at all. not news worthy , either.

  7. What do you have against Beni? I am a new fan of her music, so I have no idea what's wrong.


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