Beyoncé looking a 1970's crack whored mess

Beyoncé was spotted out and about for a shoot relating to her upcoming album, and the bitch looks a tramp. A hunchback of Notre Dame loving gypsy tramp. This shit is not chic or high fashion. It's hot messy. Solange already did this 1970's-look-by-the-side-of-some-fly-tipped-side-street for her Sol-angel and the Hadley st. dreams album cover. Beyoncé needs to come better than walking out for photoshoots wearing her Momma's Sunday best. (We know that Tina ho has got zero style. We done saw that reject clothing line).

I've been missing this bitch lately. But I can't say I'm amped for her new album though. Beyoncé always comes correct with her lead singles, but her albums are just too inconsistent. Part of me just wants her to sell the f**k out and record and album with Dr. Luke and Max Martin. We've heard ladies with serious vocal chops lace their pop / rock numbers (Kelly Clarkson and P!nk). Let's hear a chick with a voice on her lace their pop / club bangers. I'll even give Beyoncé an auto-tune free card to use on one song; just to give those bitches waiting to hear Beyoncé jump on the bandwagon some shit to hate about. Mad because they know Beyoncé don't need auto-tune, but still talking outta the side of they mouth about how she can't sing. I'd genuinely love to hear Beyoncé scream over  the beats to Britney's "I wanna go" and "Up 'n down". And I know she would have shut down "He about to lose me". Of course Beyoncé would steal a songwriting credit for that song and claim she wrote it about her ex Pimp Daddy, even though Rodney Jerkins done had the song ready for Britney a year ago.

I've been trying to get on Beyoncé's A&R team for a while now, but the bitch keeps rejecting my calls, the drive by's past her crib in Time Warner village and the death threat I sent to her nephew. But I stay grinding for her. Here are some potential album titles I thought up. Vote for yo' fave.
  • Walker Texas ranger
  • Snatch
  • B.Y.E (Bitch you eliminated)
  • Lucky charms
  • Lacefrontin'


  1. LMAO I like Lacefrotin'. Because we all know a bitch be frotin' like that hair is actually hers lmao

  2. I'm excited for a new Bouncy CD, but let's face it, it'll be another ten/eleven tracks on original release, then she'll graft on an additional five and pretend it's a whole new CD, whilst laughing at the fools who bought the original.

    I'mma gonna wait until November for the deluxe edition :)

  3. oooh! B.Y.E. sounds like a banga! it can be my new theme song! *^_^* but seriously, i am not feeling that outfit...she'll prob publish it in black and white so we don't see the insane clash of colors...but who we kidding, she'll werk the hell outta that getup.


  4. I love beyonce to death since I was like in the 4th grade but honestly she busts out the same weave thrashing and botty poppin moves for the last 10 years. She needs to change it up from time to time and this right here looks so typically beyonce she needs to take a cue from Ayu and Kuu because they change a bit as they constantly release. I even went to one of beyonce concert and she did the same 5-10 moves she always does. Sigh already kinda dissapointed but hopefully she pulls our something amazing no repetitive hook and NO jay z. Oh and no dreamchild or neyo

  5. um... she looks like a white anemic hooker who died in the 70's and got up late for MJ's "Thriller" video shoot.


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