Beyoncé shoots her music video for her world takeover. Kelly breaks down. Amerie drives her car into a lake.

This blurry arse picture is of the Beyondroid loading up her takeover program and shooting a music video for her forthcoming lead single which is tentatively titled "Girl". What this video is going to end up like is anybody's guess. In fact, that's a lie. We know what this video is going to end up like. Beyoncé will have her legs open for at least 67.5% of this video. There will be at least one scene featuring some seriously chronic weave thrashing. And there'll probably be some point somewhere in the middle where Beyoncé jiggles her booty, and then follows it up with a bit of pussy popping. In terms of budget, this shit will look like it was funded by the change in her nephews back pocket.

The music video is directed by Francis Lawrence - which marks the second time Beyoncé has worked with him: the first being on Destiny's Child's "Independent women" video.

I should be excited about hearing this song, because the prospect of hearing Beyoncé on a Switch and Diplo beat is enough to blow minds. Because I tend not to love Beyoncé's lead singles. At least not at first. It always takes me a few live performances, a few spins on radio and a few nights of hearing it on the dance-floor before I really start to like them. I hated "Crazy in love" and "Single ladies (Put a ring on it)" when I first heard them. And it took the best part of a month before I warmed to them.

I hope Beyoncé picks the right singles with this album. Every time I hear "Get me bodied" and "Upgrade U" I just shake my head at how anybody could have overlooked those as singles over "Deja vu" and "Ring the alarm". And as for "Radio" and "Smash into you" from I am...Sasha Fierce. Somebody done f**ked up or lost their damn mind not making those singles.

With the ball officially rolling on Beyoncé coming back this year, I guess we can rule out all chances of a new Amerie or Kelly Rowland album this side of 2011.


  1. We definitely can rule out all chances, because Ameriie's Cymatika Vol. 1 will come out this year.

  2. Am the only hoping she does something interesting cuz her weave thrashing, pussy poppin, " I am the baddest diva" shit is kinda getting old. I think doing a comeback now is kinda dumb because she isn't much competition to Lady Gaga who has enthralled the world on believing she is a mastermind or has hordes of stans like Britney. And her skin get lighter by the days. Enuff with the fair and lovely Bey.

  3. --->

  4. yes you are the only one, anon...


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