Britney plays invasion of the body snatchers in her "Till the world ends" music video

I'm sure every Britney fan and hater alike has caught wind of the music video for "Till the world ends" featuring a Britney body double or two. And since the story which should-be-shocking-but-really-isn't made it's way out, a video is also doing the rounds showing exactly which scenes see Britney getting body snatched by her doubles.

So you mean to tell me Britney can't throw her head back, put her knee up, spin or strut across a table by herself? And this is the woman people are paying money to see on tour later this year?!

The funny thing is, the one point at which I thought "Was that actually Britney...?" was the third scene shown in this video. Even though you can't see her face, something about the way she moved raised red flags in my head. There was an ounce of swagger. Shit was too clean within a video where every movement of Britney's was so ragged and slap-dashed.

The use of body doubles in "Hold it against me" was a joke. Because of the premise of the fight scene it was necessary for the most part. But that whole fight was pretty much not Britney at all. 6 years ago Britney would have reveled in doing as much of the fight scenes herself as was possible. And would have lapped up being able to spray paint everywhere, wreak havoc and whip her hair back and fo'th. But now? The bitch can't even make it through a simple dance routine without a body double!? It's just a mess. Much like everything which concerns Britney and her career right now. This woman is a damn fraud. I will still bump her shit, because Britney gets them good beats. But the chick is a fraud.

And to any stan who wants to come with F**K YOU! This video is fake! Because Britney did all of these moves live!! Go watch it on YouTube you c**t! Watch her shit on Good morning America again and then come talk to me. Bitch barely gets her leg up off of the floor to raise that knee. And where-as all of the backing dancers arch their backs and throw their shit right back, Britney only moves her ratty little head of weave. And as for the spin? Well...what spin!? She should have called her album Lazy fraudulent bitch.


  1. For the sake of not sounding like a broken record...

    No comment.

  2. UGH... Of course i accept that she did use a body double but i really think you're all going way to far with all the Britney hate, She obviously doesn't even want to be putting an album out and is only doing it because of contractual obligations.
    For some reason she can't dance like she did, is it becasuse she's on medication, her knee injury or laziness? i dunno... but i'm pretty sure she coulda done those moves maybe she wasnt able to film so they used a double? Even if she did use a double for the sake of it the video is good so IDGAF and you might call me lame or whatever but her album kicked ass and thats all i care about is the MUSIC (and her obviously).
    Would i pay to see her on tour? no... but if somebody is willing too and they enjoy it and have a great time what is the problem?

  3. My ears are a fan of Britney

    But this is hilarious what the hell is she going to do in her concerts is she going to be an animated cartoon like this

    I respect the hologram more cuz at-least it took effort to make

  4. Ha I knew it! Something wasn't right when I watched the video because as you stated certain Scenes of the video it appeared as though she actually had swagger. I knew there was a reason I thought the dancing was a step up from HIAM.


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