Britney shows how she rolls (like a skateboard with no wheels) in new rehearsal footage

Rehearsal footage of Britney's tour has hit the Internets. This was done in a bid to get fans excited about the tour, but I fail to see what one could get excited about. You could put a blonde wig on a remote controlled car, zip that shit across the stage and it would provide an unparalleled amount of entertainment which Britney couldn't bring right now if the well being of her children depended on it.

Britney's now in the business of taking good songs and making me not like them with her half arsed dance steps and lack of commitment. The magic of "I wanna go" has now waned on me (just as I thought it would) And now "How I roll" is my new Femme fatale jam. A jam which I like a little less now than I did before watching Shitney flail around on stage to it with no energy.

It's not even simply that this chick can't work through a routine how she used to, but there is no sharpness or swagger to any of her movements. Britney used to be able to just walk across a stage and make it look like the flyest thing ever and exude swagger. Now Britney can't even do that without looking like it's taking her serious effort.

I think it's sad that her fans are still willing to pay money to watch this mess "perform" on stage. But hey. As long as they're happy. And it's good they're still supporting their girl, because a chick has mouths to feed other than her own.

Britney Spears concert rehearsal video - exclusive @ Just Jared


  1. too many backup dancers, its like cirque de Soleil but they aren't doing something interesting and are there to distract. And her obsession with things she can ride on stage is getting ridiculous.

    Either way I am glad I didn't buy this album, cuz I can't stand the songs now and her tour will do well cause her fans are crazy

    *sidenote AfterSchool's new album is out and I think its really good, I hope you review it


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