Britney's I am the drugged up femme bot documentary on MTV

Britney's MTV documentary I am the femme fatale premiered and it was just boring. At no point did I feel like I was watching a documentary on one of the world's biggest pop star's. Britney has NOTHING to her. She gave no insight. She talked nonsense. And every candid moment felt scripted.

There is no point in me posting embeddable videos, because they will all get taken down. So you can watch it over at MTV here.

Her Weaveness' followers know that Britney has as much passion as a dropped watermelon and that the Britney they fell for 5 years ago is as good as dead. But Britney will sing live over the course of a whole gig and flawlessly work her way through the "I'm a slave 4 U" routine before they ever admit it. This documentary was a damn mess. I just didn't get the feeling at any point that Britney was enjoying any part of any process concerning Femme fatale. She looked so awkward and withdrawn. When Sway asked her if she see's herself doing this when she's 50, bitch looked like she wanted to say "N***a, I don't even want to be doing this now!".

As somebody who tried to hate this bitch but fell for her the second she dropped that "Oops!...I did it again" video, it was nice to see Britney actually speak in an interview - because I began to believe she wasn't capable. But this I am a drugged up femme bot crap paled in comparison to Britney's MTV diary: where Britney's personality and star quality shone. (I bet home girl regrets buying her daddy that chunky redneck gold bracelet now). This MTV nonsense did nothing to dispel the fact that Britney is a complete shadow of her former self, did nothing to make me believe that star who who ran cricles around the pop game 5 years ago is due a resurrection (despite fans thinking she is the second coming of Jesus with a weave), and it just confirmed that she's surrounded by people who are smothering and controlling her in a really unhealthy way. Her manager and A&R man Adam Leber was just too much. Dude was up in a bitches house. Up in a bitches ride. Up in a bitches studio session. Up in a bitches video shoot. Ray Kay looked like he was ready to tell a dude where to stick it when he asked if they could stop the shoot for 10 minutes whilst Britney goes to the toilet.

I just don't believe a word Britney says any more. Talking about how she picks tracks for the album, why she called the album Femme fatale - when we all know Britney didn't have a damn say in any aspect of this album. And as for going into the booth for 3 hours straight. Bullshit. You could record the vocals to Femme fatale in the space of an hour. An hour and a half tops! Britney probably just sang vowels and had Max Martin copy and paste that shit into words, with Bonnie McKee filling in gaps. The amount of personnel involved in Femme fatale and how many of them are credited as background vocalists is a damn joke. Whenever Britney said the word "fun" paired with "I just wanna have", her deadpan delivery and glazed over eyes said otherwise.

Britney's dead. If her people really cared about her and her career, they'd take her off the benzodiazepine, send her arse to Korea and let SM entertainment deal with her. Bitch would not be phoning in performances fo' a SECOND under their care.


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