Dal Shabet step in for Girls' generation on their M! countdown comeback performance of "Pink rocket"

With the SNSD-bots re-hashing their shit in Japan and Slave Monger entertainment making sure those bitches eat nothing so that they're borderline anorexic for their comeback later this year, the path is clear for the Girls' generation stand-in's Dal Shabet to do their thing and actually get noticed.

Watch them do their cute little steps in their brightly coloured outfits and then tell me that Girls' generation didn't ONCE come to mind.

I dig the song. I am all about that 80's beat. But these girls are just so boring to watch. Every time I hear this song and watch the music video, I just think: If those SNSD-bots had gotten this, it would've popped REAL nicely! The SNSD-bots are all who come to mind with this song, because it sounds so much like something they'd do. The song sounds like a cross between "Gee", "Tell me your wish (Genie)" and "Show, show show". And that pink haired chick looks like a carbon copy of Jessica. Girls' generation stand-in's indeed.

And can somebody tell me why Jiyun is even in this group? She barely sings.


  1. E-Tribes tryna bank on their own music with their very own girl group....pity, and much agreed SNSD would have done wonders with the music video.

  2. They're just cuter than girls' generation, probably why they got the song.


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