The Forehead actually SANGS on American idol

Elmo's Godmother dropped by American idol to perform her new single "California king bed". After Jennifer Nettles done upstaged a bitch and shat in her face on her own song at the Academy of Country music awards, The Forehead had to come strong on her own and brush that shit off as her being gracious in the presence of white folk on stage. And strong she came...

"California king bed" isn't my favourite song off of Loud, but it is a song which caught my attention because of how strong The Forehead's vocal were and how great her tone was during the verses. It showcases a strength and a side to her vocals we've never really heard before.

This performance is easily one of The Forehead's best to date. This isn't saying much considering every other song she's released so far has had her bleat over beats. Bet let's not front - bitch sounded damn good here, save for an iffy note or two at the end. If P!nk did this shit she would have been the one wrapped up in fabric on the floor, and then had her arse 100 feet in the air, still singing live. But I'd never expect anybody more less The Forehead to do that shit.

Good job! And I didn't even hate the wig. In fact, I rather liked it.


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