f(x) do the damn thing on Music bank

f(x) dropped their comeback stage on Music bank, where they treated their fans to a live performance to their new song "Pinocchio (Danger)" and a previously un-heard cut from their debut long player "Gangsta boy".

Their vocals a little shaky and their dancing was about as tight as Mel B's vagina. But these girls exude a charm that just has you overlook that. Plus, when you've got Victoria and Luna selling that young sex, and Amber working enough macho swagger to put the whole of the US rap game on house arrest, this shit just manages to work from top to bottom.

Gangsta boy

Pinocchio (Danger)

Only f(x) could drop some garbage like "Gangsta boy" and still somehow win me over. It's like an underage K-Pop equivalent of Destiny's Child's "Soldier". But I kinda love it. I don't believe for a second that f(x) have or would ever roll with a gangsta (except for Amber, who is a gangsta). The most gangsta dudes they've probabaly met are SHINee. But the song is still a banger.

I hate their new concept look though. I'mma need SM to take it back to "Nu ABO", when f(x) were look the up-most correct.


  1. pinochio... I dont know how to feel about it, the bridge is damn catchy but, thats about it for now. Amber ALWAYS swaggers hard (when shes in korea)And i have nothing to say about Victoria cause is she aint being flexible & kicking that leg up i dont see her.


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