f(x)'s 2011 comeback photo

f(x) have been away from the scene for quite a while. After months of being Clockwork orange'd at Slave Monger entertainment's artist development facility, the f(x) girls have been deemed 'partially acceptable' to embark on a comeback. I say 'partially acceptable', because nothing is ever truly acceptable enough for SM entertainment.

I really am getting tired of these girl groups being thrown a bunch of Jeremy Scott tops and having their look coined as a concept. This shit is not a concept. It's call 'adidas originals catalog page 4'. But the girls look cute and their look in this photo parlay's into their album title Pinocchio quite nicely. As there is definitely a fairy tale like naivety to this shot.

I can't stand Amber's hair. But it's Amber. So that bitch just deals with that shit and keeps it moving in a way that has you try to knock the hustle and just fail and fall for the chick.

f(x) unveils group comeback teaser photo! @ allkpop


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