Hikaru Utada donates BIG money

Hikaru Utada has donated a whopping 80 million Yen to the Red cross to help the earthquake and Tsunami efforts in Japan. It took me a while to get around to posting this, because I had to regain some composure after having my jaw hit my desk at the sight of how much this woman donated. 80 MILLION YEN! Amazing.

Utada Hikaru sends out a message regarding the Tohoku earthquake @ Tokyohive


  1. I was getting angry because people were talking sh*t about her not donating anything. Honestly, from what I know about Utada, she seems like the kind of person that would donate anonymously; however, I knew that whenever she did donate it would be a large sum of money. This is why I love her so much; she has a good heart. :)

  2. Nice photoshooping!
    I just saw Utada casting Charit-aga for 80 MP. And MP stands for Million-yen Point.

  3. lol nice job at using how amazing her donation was as an excuse for your lateness


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