Is Britney's Femme fatale set to under-perform!?

Britney's Femme fatale is set to enter the charts at #1. But with projected first week sales of 275,000 to 300,000 copies, this is around the same amount of units that Blackout sold in its first week. An album which infamously released in the midst of Britney's public breakdown and featured what had to rank as one of the worst album covers in the world. Her Weaveness is pushing the same units as Chris Brown. CHRIS BROWN! Britney is pushing the same units as a dude who went Marvel vs. Capcom 3 on Rihanna's face! And Wiz Khalifa will not be far behind with projected sales of 200,000 to 220,000. Not a good look.

I could bang on and on about iffy single choices. How "Hold it against me" was her most generic lead single to date and "Till the world ends" was nothing more than a recycle of Ke$ha's "We R who we R". But the single choices will make no difference whatsoever if Britney is not going to promote them or perform them properly. I'd love for "I wanna go" to become a single, but I know she would NOT bring it how she needs to in the music video, do absolutely nothing to promote the song, and that every live performance of it would just make me like the song less and less. Is it sad that I miss when Britney was driving around in her Mercedes like a crazy woman, putting on accents, getting snapped with a weave that looked like a crow has picked at it and had that Chola looking personal assistant riding shotgun? At least Britney was doing SOMETHING back then. Even if her arse was tow up crazy. The problem with Britney's sales is not music related. Because we all know this game well enough that you can still make a terrible album push units. This is a Britney related issue. Her live performances are a mess, she is showing zero passion for what she does, and she seems like a complete husk. Not even so much as a shadow of her former self. Her pushing in the region of 275,000 is more than she deserves.

Britney barely knows what day of the week it is. In a recent radio interview; the host spoke about the BS section of her official website (which squashes tabloid rumors and stories about the star); and she didn't even know about it! How the hell are you not gonna know about a section of your own damn website that's been around for 4 years! Does Britney even have access to a computer? I guess that answer would be no. I bet poor Britney doesn't even have a smartphone. She was probably given a Game boy by her minders so that she can't access the Internet or make calls. Just straight up Tetris and Super Mario Land.

I really feel the need to post this.

Because the lyrics whilst seeming stupid back in 2002 seem so poignant for Britney right now. It also a nice deviation from Femme fatale's lyrics about wanting penis. Plus, it shows Britney back when she had shit on lock down. Dancing. Slow grinding on her knees. Showing charisma. Selling sex to the camera. And swagging. It's like watching somebody else!

Britney's being monitored to the MAX. I'm wondering if social services would holla if we put in a case for Britney. Because this lockdown her father has her under, which involves grinding pills into her corn flakes is straight up child abuse in my book. Was is it with the Spears' and questionable child care? And to think Britney's mother wrote a book about being a mother. Like any woman in her right mind would buy that shit seeing how one of her daughters succumbed to underage pregnancy and the other turned crazy.


  1. I think Britney just doesn't care and probably has some contractually obligation to churn out these albums. Have you seen her trailer for special on MTV she sounds like she has cold the whole time and is just bored, uninterested and if her album sold 1000 copies she would shrug her shoulders.

    Its like those kids that were pushed by the parents to do sports and now hate it with a passion I feel the same with her.

  2. I agree with @Anonymous in that i don't think Britney gives a fxck about sales or the album at all. I was just thinking the other day how sad it was that the happiest i've seen Britney was when she was doing a Starbucks and chemist treck around LA with a pink wig on... she was smilling every day at that point smh...

    Having said that "Circus" was predicted to do 300k and did 505k so i wouldnt take this as concrete fact, im guessing 400k.

  3. @ThatBoyLuke yeah but there are also instances where an album sells less than the projected figures.

  4. I completely agree with the above comments.

    However, I actually do believe she's still passionate about her career, even though it may be largely for financial reasons. The truth is, the chick is about to embark on another tour, no one, but no one goes on a tour if their heart isn't it at all. Janet refused to tour for most of the 2000's for that reason. If Britney didn't want to...she wouldn't.

    Britney has found herself in the incredibly fortunate position that with her name attached to a hot song, that song will get serious airplay attention and its parent album, big sales. Her hard grafting between 1999-2003 and the meltdown of 2007-2008 have cemented her as a musical icon and celebrity powerhouse. Therefore this chick has realised that she doesn't need to promote heavily, nor perform like it was '02, she believes her own hype, she's Britney bitch, if people are going to scream for her opening her legs and closing them again, why bother to throw down some moves.

    The Britney of 2002 is gone, she'll never be back, it's not that her interest is gone in making music, it just it's easier doing what she does now and still reaping the same rewards.

  5. @Kimmy - WOW!!! those are the truest words i've read since this femme fatale era began. talk about getting down to the heart of the matter!

    and that "overprotected" video...damn...that's some brian friedman choreo and look how brit used to tear it up. that ish is not easy...

  6. So, in other words, her fans accept that she doesn't feel the need to put out much effort anymore because she realizes she doesn't have to?

    Am I in the twilight zone or is that the biggest crock of shit?

  7. @Junlee there is no point in trying to make sense with Brittney fans. I think when she lost her sanity they did too.



  9. @Kimmy, i disagree, i really think Britney doesn't give a fuck at this point, it's obvious she just wants to be at home with her kids if she really cared she would be putting effort into her performances, doing interviews etc and i dont even mean she has to go on a press blitz but even the "Circus" era shat on this and although her performances wern't all that you could tell she had an enthusiasm for the whole project.
    My guess is that her jailor/father is making her do one more tour to bring in more $$$ (not that she needs it) because after that her contract with Jive is done and if she doesnt wanna resign it's her decision.

    @Junlee, I stan for Britney and yes most of her fans agree that if she doesn't want to put in much promo that's fine with us. It may seem strange to you and of course we'd prefer Britney to be promoting like she used to but if she's happy that's what makes us happy, sadly i don't think Britney is happy at all this era it's like Jive are doing this alone and only rolling Britney out for the basics (music video's/controlled interviews etc).


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