Jay shows Beyoncé wood. Beyoncé does not compute.

The look on Beyoncé's face is priceless! It could be a genuine emotion being shown, or the Beyonroid's processor trying to formulate an algorithmic outcome in her head due to being presented with an anomaly in a situation her data banks have not encountered before.

I find it difficult to believe Beyoncé even has sex. She probably lies stationary on the bed staring at the ceiling with her arms at her side whilst Jay-Z plows her shit like a field. No emotion. No acknowledgment of anything happening.

The Beyondroid is an amazonizan robot forged in the basement of Tina Knowles hair salon. She has no womb, hence why she is yet to have a child. So people, please stop asking her when she plans to have children. Thank you.

Caption This! What is Beyonce looking at?!?! @ Toya's world


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